APEC Training Program on Competition Policy
The 1st APEC Training Program on Competition Policy
6-8 August, 2002, Bangkok, Thailand
Keynote Speech
"Competition Law/Policy and Industry Policy for Development" PDF
Mr. Hassan Qaqaya, UNCTAD
"Latest Development of International Competition Law/Policy" PDF
Mr. Walter Terry Winslow, OECD
Agenda for Small Group 1
Session I (Introduction of Competition Law/Policy)
"Further Perfecting Legal System of Competition in China by Antimonopoly Legislation" PDF
Ms. Yan Zhou, Officer, Law Department, The State Administration for Industry and Commerce, China
"Strategy for Strengthening a Competition Policy in Early Stage of Economic Growth" PDF
Mr. Hirohito Amada, Deputy Director, International Affairs Division, Fair Trade Commission, Japan
"The Current States of Competition Law and Policy in Malaysia" PDF
Mr. Mohamed Arif Abdul Hamid, Assistant Legal Advisor, Legal Advisory Unit, Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Malaysia
"Competition Law and Policy in Papua New Guinea" PDF
Mr. Ronald George Maru, Assistant Director, Trade and Investement, Department of Trade and Industry, Papua New Guinea
"Competition Law and Policy in Vietnam"
Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang Thuy, Head of APEC Division, Multilateral Trade Policy Department, Ministry of Trade, Vietnam
Session II (Competition Advocacy for Regulatory Reform)
"Competition Policy and Liberalization in Telecommunication Industry" PDF
Mr. Fung Ching Yi, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Office of The Telecommunications Authority, Hong Kong
"Competition Advocacy Role of the Korea Fair Trade Commission" PDF
Mr. Won-Joon Kim, Director Business Group Division, Korea Fair Trade Commission, Korea
"Competition Advocacy in Regulatory Reform" PDF
Ms. Santiago Gatica Kary Georgina, Assistant Director in Competition Policy Department, Federal Competition Commission, Mexico
* The author's opinion does not necessarily reflect the views of the Federal Competition Commission.
"The Provision of Natural Monopoly Reforms by Formation the Condition for Non-discriminatory Access in Russian Competition Legislation" PDF
Mr. Alchin Alexcy, Principal Expert, Department of Competition Policy in Fuel-energy Complex, Communication and Transport, Russia Federation Ministry for Anti-competitive Policy and Enterpreneurship Supporting, Russia
"Competition Framework for Telecommunication Industry in Singapore" PDF
Mr. Kwek Mean Luck, Deputy Director, Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore
Session III (Competition Advocacy for the Government and the Public)
"Bill That Establishes the Court of Defense for Free Competence in Chile" PDF
Mr. Eduardo Pablo Escalona Va'squez, Attorney, Organization Ministry of Economy, Chile
"The Experience of Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition in Advocacy" PDF
Mr. Ismed Fadillah, Head of Division, Reporting and Proceedings Directorate for Investigation and Law Enforcement, Business Competition Supervisory Commission, Indonesia
"Japanese Experience of Competition Advocacy" PDF
Mr. Tatsuro Masuda, Official, International Affairs Divison, Fair Trade Commission, Japan
"Competition Advocacy : Chinese Taipei's Experience" PDF
Mr. Chien-Hsuen Liu, Senior Specialist, Fair Trade Commission, Chinese Taipei
"Thailand's Advocacy on Competition Policy and the Development of the Organization Structure" PDF
Mr. Wittayut Wongwarnij, Inspector General, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand
Agenda for Small Group 2
Session I (Capacity Building to Combat Cartels)
"Hard Core Cartels" PDF
Mr. Mark Quinane, Director of Information Center, Australian Competition Consumer Commission, Australia
"Capacity Building to Combat Cartels in Japan" PDF
Mr. Tokuhiko Obata, Director, International Affair Division, Fair Trade Commission, Japan
"Investigation on Cartels in Mexico : Provisions of the Law And Recent Cases" PDF
Mr. Dircio Palacios, Unit Director of Economic Studies, Federal Competition Commission, Mexico
Session II (Competition Law/Policy and Regulatory Reform to Combat Cartels)
"The Position of Brunei Darussalam on Competition" PDF
Mr. Yam PG Anak Haji Mohammad Almokhtar, Attorney, Attorney General's Chamber, Brunei Darussalam
"Discussion on Setting up Competent Anti-monopoly Authority in China" PDF
Mr. Tang Wenhong, Division Director, Department of Treaty and Law, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, China
"Competition Policy and Liberalization in Telecommunication Industry" PDF
Mr. Lam Wai-Yee, principal Entertainment Standards Control Officer, Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority, Hong Kong
"Competition Law and Policy in Indonesia" PDF
Mr. Darianto Harsono, Head, Multilateral Trade and Development Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia
Session III (Capacity Building to Combat Cartels)
"Civil(Non-Merger) Antitrust Investigations and Enforcement Actions Instituted by FTC" PDF
Mr. Leslie Barry Costilo, Senior Litigator, Bureau of Competition, Federal Trade Commission, USA
"Determination of Concerted Actions by Companies in an Oligopoly Market : The Case of the Punishment Imposed on Domestic Airlines for their Collective Reduction of Flights" PDF
Mr. Kuang-Yu Hu, Senior Specialist, Fair Trade Commission, Chinese Taipei
Session IIII (Competition Law/Policy and Regulatory Reform to Combat Cartels)
"Capacity Building for Effective Enforcement" PDF
Mr. Jayanth Govindan, Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Malaysia
"Competition Framework for Telecommunication Industry in Singapore" PDF
Ms. Eg Ee Kai, Infocom Development Authority, Singapore
"Capacity Building for Effective Enforcement" PDF
Dr. Sakda Thanitkul, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
"To Build Competition Law in the Context of the Transition to Market Economy in Vietnam" PDF
Mr. Le Hoang Oanh, Legal Dept., Ministry of Trade, Vietnam