APEC Training Program on Competition Policy
The 4th APEC Training Program on Competition Policy
3-5 August, 2004, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Group 1 "Abuse of Dominant Position"
"Materials Relating to Abuse of Dominance"PDF
    * Abuse of Market Dominance Vietnam-OECD PDF
    * Market Definition Vietnam-OECD PDF
    * Vertical Restraints Vietnam-OECD PDF
Mr. Terry Winslow, Principal Administrator. Outreach Unit, Competition Division, OECD
"Experience of Chinese Taipei" PDF
Ms. Chung-Lin Yang, Staff, Fair Trade Commission, Chinese Taipei
"Steps in Investigating the Abuse of Dominant Position and Monopolistic Position under the Competition Bills of Vietnam" PDF
Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung, Official, Legal Depertment, Ministry of Trade, Vietnam
"The Case of Monopolization in Indonesia" PDF
Mr. Rustam Effendi, Deputy Director, Regional Cooperation, Directorate General for International Trade and Industrial Cooperation, MOIT, Indonesia
"Private Monopolization - Legislation and Enforcement against Abuse of Dominant Position in Japan" PDF
Mr. Osamu Igarashi, JICA Expert, Fair Trade Commission, Japan
"Abuse of Dominant Position - Malaysia's experience" PDF
Ms. Maizura Binti Mohamad Tajunddin, Federal Counsellor, International Affairs, Attoney General Chember, Malaysia
"Abuse of Substantial Market Power" PDF
Mr. Miguel Angel Kairuz Farah, Deputy Director, Federal Competition Commission, Mexico
"Competitive Market Conduct Rules under the Independent Consumer & Competition Commission Act in Papua New Guinea, and How to Comply with them" PDF
Mr. Lauari Ikavape, Corporate Secretary, Independent Consumer and Competition Commisssion, Papua New Guinea
"Improving the Peruvian Competition Agency to Strengthen Independence and Effective Enforcement" PDF
Mr. Fredy Freitas Vela, Technical Secretary Antitrust Chamber, Competiiton Court, Peru
"An Overview of the Philippine Competition Policy: Abuse of Dominant Position" PDF
Mr. Fe Canizares Bulao, Chief, Supply Management Division, Bureau of Domestic Trade, Department of Trade and Industry, The Philippines
"Vietnam's Experience in Formulating Regulations on Abuse of Dominiant Position" PDF
Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hang, Deputy Director General, Multilateral Trade Policy department, Ministry of Trade, Vietnam
Group 2 "Organization of Competition Agencies and Investigation Procedures
1. "Organization of Competition Agencies and Investigation Procedures"
"Organization of Competition Authority"PDF 
Mr. Tzung Yu Hsu, Inspector, Fair Trade Commission, Chinese Taipei
"The Organizational and Operational Plan for Vietnam Competition Authority" PDF
Dr. Dinh Thi My Loan, Director General, Competition Administration Department, Vietnam
"Organizational Design of the Investigation Section in the JFTC" PDF
Mr. Hiroo Iwanari, Senior Examiner, Mergers and Acquisitions Division, Fair Trade Commission, Japan
"The Organization of KPPU RI" PDF
Mr. Helli Nurcahyo, Investigator, Commission for Supervision of Business Competition, Indonesia
"The Investigation Procedure & the Organization of the Federal Competition Commission" PDF
Mr. Sergio Lopez Rodriguez, Federal Competition Commission, Mexico
"Administrative Reform in the Russian Antimonopoly Authority and Modernization of Russian Competition Law" PDF
Dr. Alexey G. Sushkevich, Head of Department for Analysis, Methodology and Rule Making, Federal Antimonopoly Service, Russia
"Designing Technical Assistance for Different Stages of Institution Building" PDF
Mr. Timothy T. Hughes, Technical Assistance Advisor, Federal Trade Commission, USA
2. Introduction of Competition Policy/Law
"Brief Introduction on China's Competition Policy and Law" PDF
Ms. Zhang Yizhe, Official, Treaty and Law Department, Ministry of Commerce, China
"Organization of Competition Agencies & Investigation Procedures" PDF
Ms. Intan Syahrina Binti Zainal Abidin, Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Malaysia
"Competition Law and Papua New Guinea" PDF
Mr. Andrew Wasina, Corporate Secretary, Independent Consumer and Competition Commission, Papua New Guinea
"The Development of a Philippine Comprehensive Competition Policy and Law" PDF
Mr. Emmanuel A. Cruz, Director, Tarriff Commission, The Philippines
3. Case Study
"Organization of Competition Agencies and Investigation Procedures" PDF
Mr.Shuhodo, Head Section of Trade and Investment Faciliatation APEC, Directorate General for International Trade and Industrial Cooperation, MOIT, Indonesia
"Instituto Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia y de la Proteccion de la Propiedad Intelectual  PDF
Ms. Juan Jose Cieza Bazan, Senior Assistant, Economic Studies Department, National Institute of Defense of the Competition and the Protection of the Intellectual Property, Peru
"The Exemption System of the Draft Competition Law of Vietnam" PDF
Mr. Trinh Anh Tuan, Official, Competition Administration Department, Vietnam