The 12th Technical Training Course on the Antimonopoly Act and Competition Policy
August 22-September 22, 2005, Osaka and Tokyo, Japan
The 12th Technical Training Course on the Antimonopoly Act and Competition Policy was held under the cooperation between Fair Trade Commission of Japan and Japan International Cooperation Agency in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan on August 22-September 22, 2005 with 10 participants from China, Indonesia, Moldova, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Syria, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam.
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8/25 THU Introduction to the Antimonopoly Law
Chizuru IKEDA, Associate Professor, Kobe University
8/26 FRI Industrial Policy and Competition Policy
Takako ISHIHARA, Associate Professor, Hyogo University
8/30 TUE Cartels and Bid-rigging
Shingo SERYO, Professor, Doshisha University
8/31 WED Private Monopolization / Mergers And Acquisitions
Shuya HAYASHI, Associate Professor, Nagoya University
9/1 THU Unfair Trade Practices
Shuya HAYASHI, Associate Professor, Nagoya University
9/2 FRI Consumer and Administration in Japan
Naokazu YOKOTA, Professor, Meijo University
Role of Local Offices
Kinki-Chugoku-Shikoku Office, JFTC
9/6 TUE Theoretical Foundations of Competition Policy
Noriyuki DOI, Professor, Kwansei Gakuin University
9/7 WED Antimonopoly Act and Intellectual Property Rights
Masako WAKUI, Associate Professor, Osaka City University
9/9 FRI Organization and Power of the JFTC
Personnel Divison, JFTC
Overview of Investigation Procedure
Management and Planning Division, JFTC
Case Initiation
Information Analysis Office, JFTC
9/12 MON Surcharge Payment Order and Its Case Study
Surcharge Affairs Office, JFTC
Case Study and Analysis I
Investigation Division III,
9/13 TUE Case Study and Analysis II
International Affairs Division, JFTC
Hearing System and Procedures of the JFTC
Decision and Lawsuit Office, JFTC
9/14 WED Activities for Appropriate Consumer Trade
Consumer-related Trade Division, JFTC
Activities to Prevent Violations
Consultation and Guidance Office,
9/15 THU Case Study of Prior Consultation concerning Business Combination
Mergers acquisitions Division, JFTC
Economic Survey
Trade Practices Research Office, JFTC
9/16 FRI Subcontract Act
Inter-Enterprise Trade Division, JFTC
Role of Competition Policy in the Economic Partnership Agreements (including Q & A Session)
International Affairs Division, JFTC