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Annual Report (January - December 2000)

Table of contents

Executive Summary

Changes to competition laws and policies - the outline of new regulations in competition laws and related legislation

1. Amendment of the Antimonopoly Act (AMA) accompanying the creation of a corporate division system

2. Improvements in the civil remedy system against AMA violations

3. The guidelines for proper gas transactions

The enforcement of competition laws and policies

1. Measures against violations

 1) Situation regarding measures

 A) Legal measures

 B) Orders to pay surcharges

 C) Criminal accusations

 D) Hearing procedures

 2) A summary of main cases

 3) Litigation

 A) A lawsuit applying for annulment of a JFTC decision that has been rescinded

 B) A lawsuit applying for annulment of a JFTC decision tha has been newly launched

2. Mergers and acquisitions

 1) Statistics relating to mergers and acquisitions

 2) A major case of mergers and acquisitions

The role of competition authorities in the formulation and implementation of other policies (e.g. regulatory reform, trade and industrial policies)

1. Coordination between the AMA and other economic lawsand ordinances

2. Administrative coordination

3. Reform of government regulations

Resorces of the JFTC

1. Budget amount (fiscal 2000 budget)

2. Number of officials (fiscal 2000)

Surveys related to competition policy

1. A report of the Economic Research Study Group "Competition Policy and Structural Economic Changes"

2. A report on the survey of changing distribution structure and the use of information technology

Annex: Outline of the law revisions
Appendix: Surveys and reports relating to competition policy published in 2000

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