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Annual Report (January-December 2007)

Table of contents

I Changes regarding competition laws and policies - Outline of new regulations in competition laws and related legislations

1 Efforts toward the amendment of the Antimonopoly Act

 1) Background to submission of the amendment bill of the Antimonopoly Act

 2) Major points of the amendment bill of the Antimonopoly Act

2 Bilateral cooperation agreements

 1) Signing of "Agreement between Japan and the Republic of Chile for a Strategic Economic Partnership"

 2) Signing of "Agreement between Japan and the Kingdom of Thailand for an Economic Partnership"

 3)Signing of "Agreement between Japan and the Republic of Indonesia for an Economic Partnership"

4)Other moves toward agreements

II Enforcement of competition laws and policies

1 Measures against violations

 1) Measures taken in 2007

 2) Summary of main cases

 3) Litigation

2 Mergers and acquisitions

 1) Effort to make progress on the transparency and predictability of mergers and acquisitions regulations

 2) Statistics relating to mergers and acquisitions

 3) Main mergers and acquisitions cases

III The role of the competition authority in the formulation and implementation of other policies

1 Coordination between the Antimonopoly Act and other economic laws and ordinances

2 Publication of "Guidelines concerning the Activities of Farmers' Associations under the Antimonopoly Act"

3 Publication of "Guidelines for the use of Intellectual Property under the Antimonopoly Act"

4 Revision to the Exemption System from the Antimonopoly Act concerning International Air Transport Agreements

IV Japan Fair Trade Commission resources (FY2007)

1 Budget

2 Number of officials

3 Activities of the Competition Policy Research Center

V Main surveys related to competition policy

1 Report of the Study Group on the Introduction of a Group Litigation System

2 Report of the Fact Finding Survey on Textbook Distribution

3 Actual condition of the establishment of compliance in the construction business, particularly compliance with the AMA

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