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Annual Report (January-December 2010)

Table of contents

I Changes regarding competition laws and policies - Outline of new regulations in competition laws and related legislations

1 The Antimonopoly Act Amendment Bill (2010)

1) Submission of the Antimonopoly Act Amendment Bill to the Diet
2) Major points of the Antimonopoly Act Amendment Bill

2 Public announcement of “Guidelines Concerning Abuse of Superior Bargaining Position under the Antimonopoly Act”

II Enforcement of competition laws and policies

1 Measures against violations

1) Measures taken in 2010
2) Summary of main cases
3) Litigation

2 Mergers and acquisitions

1) Reviews of the business combination regulations (investigation procedures and criteria)
2) Statistics relating to mergers and acquisitions
3) Main mergers and acquisitions cases - The Proposed Acquisition of Shares of Varian, Inc. by Agilent Technologies, Inc.

III The role of competition authority in the formulation and implementation of other policies

1 Coordination between the Antimonopoly Act and other economic laws and ordinances

2 “Issues on Competition Policies regarding Countermeasures Using Market-Based Instrumentsin the Measures against Global Warming:Discussion Points in the Japanese Emissions Trading Scheme (Interim Report)”

3 Support on implementation of competition assessment

IV The Japan Fair Trade Commission’s resources (FY 2010)

1 Budget

2 Number of officials

3 Advocacy efforts

V International efforts on competition law and competition policy

VI Main surveys related to competition policy

1 Survey report on actual status regarding transactions between large-scale retailers and their suppliers

2 Survey on the situation of the corporate compliance system with the Antimonopoly Act - Measures for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Compliance

3 Follow-up reports on the trades in the advertisement industry

VII Activities of the Competition Policy Research Center

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