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Annual Report (April 2016-March 2017)


1. Introduction

2. Amendment of the Antimonopoly Act (AMA) etc.

2.1 Amendment of the AMA pursuant to the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement

2.2 Report by the Study Group on the AMA

3. Vigorous and appropriate law enforcement

3.1 Active prevention of violations of the AMA

3.2 Promotion of fair trade practices

3.3 Improvement in merger review

4. Improvement of competitive environment

4.1 Amendment of the “Guidelines for Promotion of Competition in the Telecommunications Business Field”

4.2 Amendments of the “Guidelines for Proper Gas Trade”

4.3 Amendments of the “Guidelines for Proper Electric Power Trade”

4.4 Revision of the “Guidelines Concerning Distribution Systems and Business Practices under the Antimonopoly Act”

4.5 Study on issues concerning competition policy in the mobile phone market

4.6 Proposal on nursing care sector

4.7 Review of the exemption from the AMA for international ocean shipping

4.8 Implementation of competition assessment

4.9 Efforts to prevent bid rigging

4.10 Efforts to improve compliance with the AMA

5. Reinforcement of foundations for operation of competition policy

5.1 Development of theoretical and empirical foundations for competition policy

5.2 Response to globalising economy

5.3 Raising public awareness of competition policy

6. Resources


Table 1. Major cases involving legal measures in FY2016

Table 2. Case where JFTC found violation but didn’t issue a cease and desist order in FY2016

Table 3. The budget of the JFTC

Table 4. The number of officials in the General Secretariat of JFTC


Figure 1. Number of Cases Involving Legal Measures

Figure 2. Amount of Surcharges

Figure 3. Number of Hearings

Figure 4. Budget and Number of Officials


Box 1. Major merger cases in FY2016

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