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Annual Report (April 2015-March 2016)


1. Revisions of the Antimonopoly Act (AMA) etc.

1.1 Submission of the Bill to amend the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement related laws (including a partial amendment of the AMA)

1.2 Formulation and publication of the Guidelines on Administrative Investigation Procedures under the AMA

1.3 The JFTC convenes meetings of Study Group on the AMA

2. Vigorous and Appropriate Law Enforcement

2.1 Active prevention of violations of the AMA

2.2 Promotion of fair trade practices

2.3 Improvement in examination of business combinations

3. Surveys for Development of Competitive Environment

3.1 Release of “Guidelines for Public Supports for Revitalization in view of Competition Policy”

3.2 Amendments of the “Guidelines for Proper Electric Power Trade”

3.3 Amendments of the “Guidelines for Promotion of Competition in the Telecommunications Business Field”

3.4 Partial amendments of the “Guidelines Concerning Distribution Systems and Business Practices under the Antimonopoly Act”

3.5 Partial amendment of “Guidelines for the Use of Intellectual Property under the Antimonopoly Act”

3.6 Review of the System for Exemption from the AMA in the International Ocean Shipping Business

3.7 Efforts for competition assessment

3.8 Efforts to prevent bid rigging

3.9 Efforts to improve compliance with the AMA

3.10Follow-up Survey on Gasoline Transaction

4. Reinforcement of Foundations for Operation of Competition Policies

4.1 Development of theoretical and empirical foundations for competition policies

4.2 Response to globalizing economy

4.3 Raising public awareness of competition policies

5. Resources

5.1 Budget (FY2015 (2015.4~2016.3))

5.2 Number of officials (FY 2015(2015.4~2016.3))


Figure 1. Number of cases involving legal measures

Figure 2. Amount of surcharges

Figure 3. Number of Hearings

Figure 4. Number of Cases subject to disposition under the Subcontract Act

Figure 5. Restitution of Subcontract Proceeds

Figure 6. Budget and number of officials (FY 2006-2015)


Box 1. Recommendation cases in FY2015

Box 2. Major business combinations reported in FY2015

Box 3. Major public awareness activities in FY2015

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