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List of Members of the Commission and Executives of the General Secretariat

(As of 20th April, 2018)

List of members of the Commission

Chairman Kazuyuki SUGIMOTO



Reiko AOKI

Yoshiharu OJIMA

List of the executives of General Secretariat, JFTC

Secretary General Akinori YAMADA
Senior Hearing Examiner Mituhiro SAITO
Hearing Examiner Satoru HORIUCHI
Sakiko MAEDA
Senior Deputy Secretary General

Toshiyuki NAMBU

Senior Deputy Secretary General for Policy Management Hiroshi YAMADA
Deputy Secretary General for International Affairs
Counselor for Cybersecurity and Information Technology Management Isao HISHINUMA
Secretariat Counselor Masaya SAKUMA


Director, General Affairs Division Tetsuya FUJIMOTO
Director, Accounting Office Kenji SUGIURA
Director, Decision and Lawsuit Office Tetsuji YOKOTE
Senior Planning Officer Takujiro KONO
Senior Litigation Analyst Noriko SAKAI
Director, Personnel Division Osamu TANABE
Senior Planning Officer Hiroshi MOMMA
Director, International Affairs Division Kazuhiro HARA
Senior Planning Officer Kazuo OYA

Senior Planning Officer

Hideyuki SHIMOZU
Affairs Bureau
Director General Shuichi SUGAHISA
Director, General Affairs Division Hiroo IWANARI
Director, Planning Office Hiroaki MATSUMOTO
Director, Economic Research Office Daisuke YAMAMOTO
Director, Coordination Division

Nobuaki FUJII

Director, Mergers and Acquisitions Division Masanori FUKAMACHI
Senior Officer for Mergers and Acquisitions Toshiko IGARASHI
Trade Practices
Director General Isao KASUBUCHI
Director, Trade Practice Division Takeshi SHINAGAWA
Director, Trade Practice Research Office Shinji KAKIUCHI
Director, Consultation and Guidance Office Nobuaki YAMAOKA
Senior Officer for Consumption Tax Pass-on Issues Takuro IKEDA
Director, Inter-Enterprise Trade Division


Director, Subcontracts Inspection Office Akiyoshi UCHIDA
Senior Subcontracts Inspector

Takehiko OGURA

Senior Subcontracts Inspector Masako MICHISHITA

Senior Subcontracts Inspector

Osamu TADA
Director General Sawako YAMAMOTO
Deputy Director General Hiroshi KASAHARA
Deputy Director General Wataru KOBAYASHI
Director, Management and Planning Division Kazuyuki KATAGIRI
Director, Planning Office Hiroshi NAKAZATO
Director, Information Analysis Office Naohiko KOMURO
Director, Fair Competition Inspection Office Kaoru HARADA
Senior Planning Officer Tetsuya KANDA
Senior Officer for Leniency Program Shin YAMAMOTO
Senior Investigator, Management and Planning Division Takaaki SAITO
Director, Investigation Division I Naohisa ISHITANI
Senior Investigator, Investigation Division I Atsushi KONNO
Senior Investigator for International Cartel Tsuyoshi OKUMURA
Director, Investigation Division II Masunori TSUKADA
Senior Investigator, Investigation Division II Takaki TANABE
Director, Investigation Division III Masaru ENDO
Senior Investigator, Investigation Division III Hirohito AMADA
Director, Investigation Division IV Kumiko TANAKA
Senior Investigator, Investigation Division IV Yasumasa KURIYA
Director, Investigation Division V Masayuki YAMAGUCHI
Director, Litigation Division Masaru OGO
Director General Yukinari SUGIYAMA
Director, Special Investigation Division I Hiroshi MABUCHI
Director, Special Investigation Division II Katsunori INAGUMA
Regional Office Director, Hokkaido Office Fumihiro MIURA
Director, Tohoku Office Ryohei TAKAI
Director, Chubu Office Yasuo TANABE
Co-ordination Supervisor, Chubu Office Yasuhiro YOSHIKAWA

Investigation Supervisor, Chubu Office

Director, Kinki-Chugoku-Shikoku Office Sadaaki SUWAZONO
Co-ordination Supervisor, Kinki-Chugoku-Shikoku Office Tsuyoshi YAMASHITA
Investigation Supervisor, Kinki-Chugoku-Shikoku Office Yoichi TANABE
Director, Chugoku Branch Akira KURI
Director, Shikoku Branch Naruhisa SHIMADA

Director, Kyushu Office

Masaharu MINAMI

Co-ordination Supervisor, Kyushu Office


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