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CPRC Reports

 The research in the CPRC, what is called the "collaborative research", is done in a team of the JFTC staffs and the visiting researchers(economists and jurists). The reasons why we take the style of the collaborative research are threefold. First, it would improve the economic analysis ability of the staff in the JFTC who is involved in the research. Second, it would offer the visiting researchers the opportunity to feel the real policy needs. Third, it would facilitate to merge the perspectives of economics and law.

 The issues related to the researches are discussed in theworkshops on the process. When it is done, the report would be posted here.

 The contents of each report are based on a view of each author in charge and do not mean the view of the CPRC/JFTC.

Reports currently open to the public

(Full Text:Japanese Only)

Fiscal 2016


・Ex-post Evaluation of Competitive Pressure from Imports in the Review of Business Combination


Summary Paper(English)(PDF:53KB)


・Changes in the Competition Law Exemption Systems on International Shipping and International Air Services in Foreign Countries and Implications for Japan


Summary Paper(English)(PDF:40KB)


・A study of Screening Approach as a Tool to Detect Violations of the Antimonopoly Law


Summary Paper(English)(PDF:32KB)

Fiscal 2015


・Substitutability of Demand for Online and Offline Services(2015.10.07)

Summary Paper(English)(PDF:41KB)


・Whole Concept on Evaluation of Illegality of Non-Hard-Core Cartels(2015.10.07)

Summary Paper(English)(PDF:39KB)


・Competition and Research and Development Incentives in the Pharmaceutical Market
- Through Examinations of the Impact of the Entry of Generic Drugs on the Market (2015.10.07)

Summary Paper(English)(PDF:44KB)

Fiscal 2014


・A study of Behavioral Remedies concerning Regulations of Business Combinations in Foreign Countries




・A study of the Leniency Program in the EU




・An Analysis of Regulations of the Abuse of Dominant Bargaining Position in Foreign Countries




・Consideration on Changes of Market Structure of Major Industries in Japan by the Use of Mobility Index, and the Applicability to the Competition Policy -An Analysis Based on the degree of concentration of production and shipment-



Fiscal 2013


・The Application of the approach of the EU State Aid Regulation to Japan




・A study of Measures to Prove the Existence of a Cartel -The Use of Circumstantial Evidence-(2013.06.26)  


・Trends in the Electronic Book Market(2013.06.26)

Summary Paper(English)(PDF:79KB)

Fiscal 2012

CR 04-12

・Research on Abnormally Low Tenders(2012.10.26)


CR 03-12

・Study of the Recent Development of Antitrust Analysis on the SSOs’patent Policies Designed to Reduce Opportunities for Hold-up(2012.10.26)


CR 02-12

・Competition Policy in Network Industries – Comparative Legal Studies across Japan, USA and EU and Economic Analysis -(2012.10.11)

Summary Paper(English)(PDF:91KB)

CR 01-12

・State Aid Regulation and Competition Law in EU- The Discussion under EU Competition Law -(2012.07.27)


Fiscal 2011

CR 09-11

・Law and Economics of Resale Price Maintenance(2012.03.26)


CR 08-11

・Ex-post Evaluation of the Effect of the Concentration of Patented Technologies by Business Combination(2012.02.27)

Summary Paper(English)(PDF:52KB)

CR 07-11

・Utilization of Economic Analysis in Cartel Regulation - CPRC Handbook Series No.2 -(2012.02.06)

Summary Paper(English)(PDF:53KB)

CR 06-11

・Handbook of Economic Analysis in Competition Policy - CPRC Handbook Series No.1 -(2012.02.06)


CR 05-11

・Comparative Law Research on Exemption Institution of Competition Law in Insurance Business – with a Focus on Comparison Examination with EU Competition Law


CR 04-11

・Ex-post Evaluation of Business Combination – Application of Economic Analysis on Competition Policy (2011.11.17)

Summary Paper(English)(PDF:300KB)

CR 03-11

・An Analysis of Impact of Regulation on Competition – An Economic Analysis of Self-regulation on Advertisement Time-(2012.11.09)

CR 02-11 Anticompetitive and Pro competitive with respect to Exclusive dealing contract(PDF:238KB)
Summary Paper
CR 01-11 An Analysis of Anti-competitive Effects on Business Conduct in a Successive Oligopoly Market(PDF:978KB)
Summary Paper

Fiscal 2010

Fiscal 2009

Fiscal 2008

Fiscal 2007

Fiscal 2006

Fiscal 2005

Fiscal 2004

Fiscal 2003

CR 02-03 ・Economic Analysis on Efficiency of Merger and its Effect on Markets
1.(PDF:652KB) 2.(PDF:2,191KB) 3.(PDF:186KB)
CR 01-03 Economic Analysis on Network Externalities -- An idea of Competition Policy under Externalities--(PDF:292KB)

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