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The 48th Open Seminar

1. Date, Vanue and Language

Date 10:00-11:30, December 11, 2020 (Fri) (Japanese Time)
 10:00-11:00: Keynote Speech
 11:00-11:30: Q&A
Venue Online (live stream)
Language English (with simultaneous interpretation)

2. Outline of the Seminar

(1) Theme: “Competition Overdose”

(2) Outline of the Speech (Speaker's Message):

 Competition is the engine of most economies, and is seen as the key to our prosperity. Whatever illness our society suffers, competition is often the cure. Use the magic formula -- increase choice and competitive pressure and limit government intervention? and market forces will deliver efficiencies, lower prices, and better outcome.
 But this is not always the case. Other times competition turns toxic when companies find better ways to fleece consumers. And yet, despite competition’s limitations, some policy makers continue to rely on the competitive process as a magical elixir and use that simplified narrative to limit government action.
 The talk will examine when competition fails to deliver, who is pushing this toxic competition, and how we as a society can re-orient from toxic competition to something better, Noble Competition.

(3) Speaker: Ariel Ezrachi, Professor, The University of Oxford
                   Maurice E. Stucke, Professor, The University of Tennessee

3. Presentation materials

Presentation materials(PDF:2,876KB)

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