Fair and Free Competition will
Improve Sustainable Growth
and Standard of Living

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September 20-21/2023

Fordham Competition Law Institute 50th Annual Conference

September 5/2023

Japan-Korea Bilateral Meeting

September 5/2023

Seoul International Competition Forum

August 4/2023

ACCC/AER Regulatory Conference 2023

July 25, 26/2023

The 18th East Asia Top Level Officials' Meeting on Competition Policy and the 15th East Asia Conference on Competition Law and Policy

July 21/2023

Japan-India Bilateral Meeting

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What is the JFTCOur mission

About the JFTC

In order to maintain fair and free competition in a market, the JFTC enforces the Antimonopoly Act and the Subcontract Act.

The JFTC is actively engaged in advocacy activities,which leads to the improvement of corporatecompliance with competition laws and to the reviewof policies, regulations and systems of othergovernment agencies, to improve the competitiveenvironment in response to new economic and social trends.

About the JFTC