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  • Reasons we are able to buy good quality products at low prices
  • If any of these things happened, our lifestyle would be in danger!
  • Yellow card for violations of the rules!
  • What kinds of incidents occurred in the past?

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Yellow card for violations of the rules! Role of the Fair Trade Commission

Administrative investigation

Investigating a company or a store that may violate the rules is called "administrative investigation."
As you can see in the above illustration, the employees of the Fair Trade Commission visit the company or the back-office of store that is suspected to have committed an act in violation of the rules and conduct on-site investigations. They investigate the account books, trading records, etc. for evidence of the violation. If necessary, they call the concerned individuals to the Fair Trade Commission to conduct interviews with them and clarify facts concerning the violation.
In the investigation of an incident that is considered to be subject to criminal prosecution, a compulsory inspection may be conducted on the basis of a permit issued by a judge. This is called "criminal investigation."
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