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Statement by the Secretary General at a regular press conference (November 22, 2023)

Statement by the Secretary General at a regular press conference (November 22, 2023)

November 22, 2023
Japan Fair Trade Commission

(Holding of “JFTC Day”)

    Today, I would like to talk about "JFTC Day" we held across the country.

    In order to make our activities familiar to people living in areas where there are no our offices, we have established mobile business offices under the name of “JFTC Day.” There, we promote Antimonopoly Act and Subcontract Act, and address consultations from businesses and consumers.
    We hold the events every year in eight cities in Japan and it will be held in Kofu City on January 24th next year. This year, it has already been held in Kushiro City in Hokkaido, Akita City, Matsuyama City, and Shimonoseki City in Yamaguchi Prefecture. In addition, “JFTC Day” events will be held in Kobe City on December 6th, in Numazu City in Shizuoka Prefecture on December 14th, and in Miyazaki City on February 21st next year.
    At the event in Kofu City, I will be a lecturer and give "the Antimonopoly Act Lecture." Furthermore, we will hold "the Subcontract Act Basic Training Session" for offering basic knowledge of the Subcontract Act, and "Act on Elimination and Prevention of Involvement in Bid Rigging, etc. and Punishments for Acts by Employees that Harm Fairness of Bidding, etc. Training Session" for those in charge of purchase orders from local governments, etc., and we will set up "Consultation Corner" to give advice throughout the day.
    We also hold a "Consumer Seminar" to explain the Antimonopoly Act and our activities to consumers, and "Antimonopoly Act Seminar" at Yamanashi Gakuin Junior High School.
     In addition, we will hold Meetings about "the Act on Improvement of Transactions between freelancers and undertakings" promulgated in May this year at some venues, including Kofu City. The Act is scheduled to be come into force next autumn, and our preparations are currently underway for it. The meetings include the explanations about the key points as we think raising public awareness about this new legislation is extremely important.
     Anyone can participate in the Antimonopoly Act Lectures, the Subcontract Act Basic Training Sessions, Meetings about the Act on Improvement of Transactions between freelancers and undertakings, and the Consumer Seminar, so we hope that there are a lot of participants.
     We are open and happy to be interviewed for these “JFTC Day” events, and we would appreciate it if you could interview us.
     Through “JFTC Day”, we would like to deepen the public's understanding of competition policy and our initiatives for making them feel close to us.

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