Fair and Free Competition will
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November 29/2023

ABA Antitrust Law Section Global Seminar Series Tokyo

November 8/2023

G7 Joint Enforcers and Policy Makers Summit

November 5/2023

Asia Competition Association

October 12 - October 26/2023

The JFTC held the 29th Group Training Course for Developing Countries on the Antimonopoly Act and Competition Policy

October 19/2023

The 22nd ICN Annual Conference - 2023

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What is the JFTCOur mission

About the JFTC

In order to maintain fair and free competition in a market, the JFTC enforces the Antimonopoly Act and the Subcontract Act.

The JFTC is actively engaged in advocacy activities,which leads to the improvement of corporatecompliance with competition laws and to the reviewof policies, regulations and systems of othergovernment agencies, to improve the competitiveenvironment in response to new economic and social trends.

About the JFTC