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Major Business Combinations in FY 2008

Major Business Combinations in FY 2008

June 9/2009
Japan Fair Trade Commission

The Japan Fair Trade Commission has, in an effort to improve transparency and predictability of the reviews of business combinations, drawn up and announced perspectives on application of the Antimonopoly Act to the business combination reviews and its policies concerning prior consultation in the form of the “Guidelines for Applications of the Antimonopoly Act Concerning the Review of Business Combination” (hereinafter, “Business Combination Guidelines”) the “Policies Dealing with Prior Consultation Regarding Business Combination Plans”, both of which were amended in March 2007. It has additionally published the results of reviews of principal cases of business combinations in the past.
In the current fiscal year as well, the JFTC is publishing the results of reviews of major business combinations that took place in fiscal 2008 and provides data relating to business combinations during this particular fiscal year.
The JFTC hopes that companies planning to engage in business combinations will make full use of the Business Combination Guidelines as well as the results of reviews of outstanding examples of business combinations published on this occasion

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