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The Study Group on Competition Policy in Digital Markets

The Study Group on Competition Policy in Digital Markets

July 22, 2020
Japan Fair Trade Commission

1. The purpose of the Study Group
 In order to ensure fair and free competition and promote creative initiative of businesses in digital markets, which are rapidly changing due to rapid development of technologies in recent years, it is important to effectively and appropriately pursue competition policy in these rapidly changing markets in line with trading conditions and competitive environment in digital markets.
 Given this background, Director General, Economic Affairs Bureau of the Japan Fair Trade Commission hosts “Study Group on Competition Policy in Digital Markets” in order to study issues and challenges on Antimonopoly Act and competition policy in digital markets.
2. Immediate agenda
Algorithms/AI and competition policy
3. Schedule of the Study Group and others
(1) The Study Group consists of the experts listed in the member list (in Japanese).
(2) The Study Group will be held about once a month. (The first meeting will be held on July 29, 2020.)
(3) While the Study Group is in principle closed to the public in order not to prevent free and vigorous discussion among the members, the summary of the discussion (in Japanese) will be in public promptly after the Study Group is held.
(4) Administrative affairs of the Study Group are handled by the Office of Policy Planning and Research for Digital Markets, Economic Affairs Bureau, General Secretariat, the Japan Fair Trade Commission.

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