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Results of the G7 Joint Competition Enforcers and Policymakers Summit

Results of the G7 Joint Competition Enforcers and Policymakers Summit

November 8, 2023
Japan Fair Trade Commission

 The Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC), in cooperation with the Secretariat of Headquarters for Digital Market Competition of the Cabinet Secretariat (HDMC), held the G7 Joint Competition Enforcers and Policy Makers Summit in Tokyo today, attended by the heads of G7 competition authorities (*1) and policymakers (*2)(*3). The Summit was presided at by Chair Furuya of the JFTC and attended by senior officials from the JFTC and the HDMC.
 At the Summit, the following topics were discussed: (1) Enforcers’ priorities, challenges and approaches in digital markets; (2) Recent updates on policy initiatives and frameworks in the digital competition field; (3) Common issues and challenges in planning and implementing laws and regulatory tools in digital competition; and (4) How we can tackle issues on Big Techs that expand their activities across markets.

The Summit was participated in by the following authorities: Autoritá Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (Italy), Autorité de la Concurrence (France), Bundeskartellamt (Germany), Competition Bureau (Canada), Competition and Markets Authority (United Kingdom), U.S. Department of Justice (United States of America), Directorate General for Competition (European Commission), U.S. Federal Trade Commission (United States of America) and JFTC (Japan).
The Summit was participated in by the following policymakers: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (Germany), Innovation, Science and Economic Development (Canada), Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (United Kingdom), Department for Business and Trade (United Kingdom), Directorate General for Competition and Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (European Commission), and HDMC (Japan).
The Summit was participated by OECD in addition to G7 competition authorities and policymakers.

 The G7 competition authorities and policymakers adopted the “Digital Competition Communiqué” (Attachment 1) at this Summit. The Communiqué sets out the initiatives to promote and protect competition in digital markets and commitment to address competition concerns arising from emerging technologies.
 In addition, for the Summit, the G7 competition authorities and other competition authorities (*4) jointly updated the "Compendium of approaches to improving competition in digital markets" (Attachment 2). Furthermore, G7 policymakers updated the "G7 inventory of new rules for digital markets," a mapping of the legal approaches in the G7 jurisdictions in digital competition, to promote mutual understanding in sharing the issues and challenges faced in the G7 (Attachment 3).

This refers to the authorities invited to the G7 Enforcers Summit in 2021: Competition and Consumer Commission (Australia), Competition Commission (India), Fair Trade Commission (Korea) and Competition Commission (South Africa).
*This announcement is tentative translation. Please refer to the original text written in Japanese for more details.