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Cease and desist orders against misleading representations on retirement homes in Chubu District

April 16/2003
Japan Fair Trade Commission

JFTC has today issued cease and desist orders against misleading representatons by three companies running retirement homes in Chubu district for violating Sec 4 Item 1 and /or Item 2 of the Premiums and representations Act

1. Companies

Company name Building Area
Ishikawa Life Create K.K Senior Utopia Kanazawa Kanazawa-City
Izu Health Care K.K Izu Health Care Mansion Shizuoka Prefecture
K.K. Sunrich Mishima Sunrich Mishima Shizuoka Prefecture

2. Outline of the orders

(1) Outline of violation
The above three companies has made misleading representations in pamphlets,confirmation paper on important information etc. Representations were made:
On care service

as if specific care service was additionally available by charging lump-sum money for caring (Ishikawa);
On medical or nursing system

as if a neibouring cooperating medical institution was ready for around-the-clock acceptance of the inhabitants (Izu);
as if there was a full-time nurse (Izu);
On charge

as if every nursing room was available without additional charge (Mishima);
On direction of the rooms

as if every room was facing south (Ishikawa, Mishima);

(2) The companies must take following measures:
Announcement to general consumers and the inhabitants that the said representations are misleading ones
To harmonize the representations and the actual conditions, notice to the inhabitants of the measure

(3)Requests for parties concerned
JFTC requested the Japanese Association of Retirement Housing to inform the members of this case and to guide them in making appropriate representations. Also, JFTC requested the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to inform the relating section of local governments of this case.

*Every announcement is tentative translation. Please refer to the original text written in Japanese.

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