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FTC surcharged participants in bidding for port/harbor construction contracts called by Nagasaki Prefecture

February 20/2003
Japan Fair Trade Commission

As for bidding called by Nagasaki Prefecture, the JFTC sentenced to pay surcharge to 15 participants in tendering for port/harbor construction contracts, etc.l on 19 February 2003 under Section 48-2 (1) of the Antimonopoly Act.

1. Violation pending surcharge payment (recommendation 10 Jun 2002, decision 28 Jun 2002)
 According to the charges, the following corporations conspired to rig bids by predetermining a winning bidder to enter into contracts, being let through private competitive bidding. These acts infringed the provisions of Section 3 of the Antimonopoly Act, as prescribed in Section 7-2 (1).

(1) the Northern Nagasaki Promotion Bureau and Tahira Civil Engineering Office of the Bureau (collectively called "the Bureau")
 parties concerned: Ohtsubo Kensetsu K.K. and 22 other corporations
 contract: marine civil engineering (CE) works ordered by the Bureau

(2) the Nagasaki Tsushima Branch (the Tsushima Branch).
 parties concerned: Goyo Kensetsu K.K. and 4 other corporations
 contract: pier construction works at fishery harbors on Mizu Island called by the Tsushima Branch

3. The due date: 21 April 2003

The total amount of surcharge

violators (corporations) violators surcharged surcharge (thousand yen)
the Bureau 23 11 482,480
the Tsushima Branch 5 5 167,130
gross 28 16 649,610

*Every announcement is tentative translation. Please refer to the original text written in Japanese.

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