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On appropriate representations of what is called "nonalcoholic beverage"

July 14/2003
Japan Fair Trade Commission


Markets of what is called "nonalcoholic beverage (for instance "nonalcoholic beer", "nonalcoholic wine")" are rapidly expanding in Japan.
Consumers seem to choose them as alternatives to beer and other alcoholic drinks, which have taste of alcoholic beverage in spite of their alcohol-free nature. But actually the "nonalcoholic beverages"contain certain degree of alcohol.
Thus, representations like "nonalcoholic" on these alternatives may lead consumers to a misunderstanding that they are totally alcohol-free.


The JFTC, with this situation in mind, requested relevant trade associations with liquor manufacturers and sellers to give guidance on appropriate representations to member companies.

*Every announcement is tentative translation. Please refer to the original text written in Japanese.

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