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The JFTC warned bidders for construction works of the Land Rezoning Association of the Eastern Area of Iwakiri Station in Sendai-city.

July 13/2003
Japan Fair Trade Commission

The JFTC has been investigating into bidders for the construction works called by the Land Rezoning Association of the Eastern Area of Iwakiri Station in Sendai-city based on the Antimonopoly Act. The JFTC today warned 29 construction companies with branches in Miyagi Prefecture against possible infringement of Section 3 (prohibition of unreasonable restraint of trade) of the Act as follows:

 1. The outline of the possible violation

The JFTC suspected the following acts:The 29 companies and three other companies (disbanded) have, since March 30 2001, been jointly determining the winner of bids for construction works for which the Land Rezoning Association to the Eastern Section of Iwakiri Station in Sendai-city ordered by the method of designated competitive bidding (including those in which joint ventures are nominated) by talks among the candidates also taking into consideration the companies' business performance to this Association etc.. The predetermined winners set the winning price and the prices at which other participants should bid,and had a company among other participants inform the participants other than the winner of the bidding prices. Thus they have been cooperating to have the predetermined winners win the bids.

 2. The outline of the warning

The 29 companies shall not perform the same kind of act as above 1 in the future.

*Every announcement is tentative translation. Please refer to the original text written in Japanese.

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