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Inauguration of Competition Policy Research Center by JFTC

June 11/2003
Japan Fair Trade Commission

1. Inauguration of Competition Policy Research Center

The Fair Trade Commission of Japan (JFTC)decided to launch the Competition Policy Research Center (Research Center) within its General Secretariat on 17th June 2003. The first head of the center is Prof.Kotaro Suzumura; a professor of the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi Univerisity. The Research Center is expected to invite six economists and five law academics as visiting researchers.

2. The aim of the Research Center

The Research Center is not only effective for practicing policies as a short term, but also for strengthening the basic ideas on implementing the Antimonopoly Act, planning, evaluating the competition policies as a mid-long term. This is done by the collaboration between outside researchers and JFTC staffs, thus it aims to create the functional and continuous collaborative platform.

3. The main functions at the Research Center

- Strengthening the extraction function for policy issues
- Studying the method of the economic analysis for the law practices
- Strengthening the policy evaluation
- Researching for the foreign countries' situations

4. The significance and effectiveness of the Research Center

(1) Strengthen the theoretical and empirical basic research as mid term

- Enrich the basic theories and strengthen the research structure for the competitive policies as a long term

(2) Creation of the collaborative platform for the academics and JFTC staff

- Continuous training for the researchers within the General Secretariat
- Interchange of human resources

(3) Promoting the harmonized views for law and economics

- Practicing the merged views of law and economic views

5. Themes that the Research Center is expected to approach

- a field of desirable competition policy structure
- a field of keeping an eye on the competitive situation
- a field of applying the economic analysis for the Antimonopoly act implementation

*Every announcement is tentative translation. Please refer to the original text written in Japanese.

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