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Decision on surcharge to K.K Kokusai Chishitsu

Decision on surcharge to K.K Kokusai Chishitsu

March 31/2003
Japan Fair Trade Commission

. Respondent
Company Name K.K. Kokusai Chishitsu (Chuo-ku, Chiba-city)
Business: Investigation into geology and soil quality etc.

2. Decision
The respondent must pay 8.4 million yen as surcharge by 30 May 2003.

 3. History

Surcharge payment order:26 July 2002
Decision to initiate hearing:11 October 2002
The first hearing:14 November 2002
The second hearing (termination):20 December 2002
Service of a decision draft:18 February 2003


Recommendation:3 August 1999
Decision to initiate hearings:30 September 1999
Decision:2 September 2001
Appeal for withdrawal:19 October 2001
Judgement at Tokyo High Court:25 October 2002
Determination:8 November 2002

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