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FTC surcharged participants in bidding for slope protection works alled by Kanagawa Prefecture and Kanagawa-Prefectural Business Agency (Kigyocho)

March 4/2003
Japan Fair Trade Commission

As for bids called by Kanagawa Prefecture and Kanagawa Prefectural Business Agency (Kigyocho), FTC sentenced to pay surcharge to 23 participants in tendering for a slope protection contract on 28 February 2003 under Section 48-2 (1) of the Antimonopoly Act..

1. Violation pending surcharge payment (recommendation 16 May 2002, decision 17 Jun 2002)

 According to the charges, Raito Kogyo Co., Ltd. and 27 other corporations conspired to rig bids by designating who would be allowed to bid on contracts and who would be the winning bidder, being let through private competitive bidding. [violation of Section 3 of the Antimonopoly Act, as prescribed in Section 7-2 (1)]

 (Note) slope protection works denote maintenance services to prevent landslide along roads/cliffs, etc. by afforestation or building construction methods.

2. The total amount of surcharge (see Appendix for details.)

 The total number of corporations charged : 23 corporations
 The total amount of surcharge: 171,310 thousand yen

3. The due date: 1 May 2003

*Every announcement is tentative translation. Please refer to the original text written in Japanese.

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