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JFTC issues decision to order surcharges to Kanto Landscaping and Constructing Cooperative.

September 10/2003
Japan Fair Trade Commission

The JFTC, on 8 September 2003, issued a decision to Kanto Gardening and Construction Cooperative in accordance with Section 54-2 (1) of the Antimonopoly Act after the hearing procedures initiated on 22 May 2002.

 1. Recipient of the decision

Kanto Landscaping and Construction Cooperative (Machida-City, Tokyo)
Business: joint receiving of orders for landscaping works etc.

 2. Order

The recipient shall pay 3.2 million yen to the national treasury as a surcharge by 13 November 2003.

 3. History

29 March 2002 Surcharge payment order
22 May 2002 Decision to initiate hearings
27 June 2002 The 1st hearing
13 June 2003 The 6th hearing
29 July 2003 Service of the decision draft

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