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August 9/2004
Japan Fair Trade Commission

The Fair Trade Commission of Japan investigated representations concerning public baths, and identified the fact that TENNENNO-ONSENMURA K.K (“TENNEN”) made the representation against TENNEN which allegedly violated the provision of Section 4 (Prohibition of Misleading Representations) of the Premiums and Representations Act.

1. Outline of the related parties

Entrepreneur's name TENNENNO-ONSENMURA K.K.
Address Nijo-cho, Itoshima District, Fukuoka Prefecture

TENNEN runs two public baths in Fukuoka Prefecture.

2. Outline of the suspected violation

TENNEN placarded “natural hot spring village,” “natural hot spring,” and “quality of hot spring: simple sulfur spring,” etc. on the signs installed around the public baths operated by TENNEN, the bulletin boards within those baths and pamphlets distributed within the baths. In this way, TENNEN made representations as if hot spring water were used for the hot water in the bathtubs at the public baths. However, the hot water is not hot spring water but heated well water, which likely causes misunderstanding of general consumers.

*Every announcement is tentative translation. Please refer to the original text written in Japanese.

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