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Budget, staff and structure of the Fair Trade Commission according to the Budget for FY 2005

December 22/2004
Japan Fair Trade Commission

In view of stronger implementation of competition policy, the FY 2005 budget allows the Fair Trade Commission 8,131 million yen (4.0%increase from the previous FY) and an increase of 63 persons mainly for investigation sections.

1 Budget
(1) Total budget 8,131 million yen
(4.0% increase from the previous FY)
(2) New or enlarged items
- For prompt and effective enforcement 422 million yen
 Cost of increasing investigators
 Cost related to compulsory measures for criminal investigations
- For creation of competitive environment 97 million yen
 Cost of advocacy for the Antimonopoly Act (AMA) toward companies
- For building a competitive society with rules 226 million yen
 Cost of increasing the staff in charge of the Subcontract Act and the Premiums and Representations Act
 Cost of regulating Abuse of Dominant Bargaining Position
 Cost of promotion of fair subcontracts regarding services
- For reinforcement of competition policy infrastructure 294 million yen
 Cost of surveillance and study on competition policy
 Cost of training for reinforcing competition policy infrastructure etc.

2 Staff and structure
(1) Staff: an increase of 63 persons* (Total of 706 after the increase (end of FY 2005))
- Investigation sections (For vigorous and prompt measures against violation of the AMA)
 Investigators 56
- Implementation of the Subcontract Act (For appropriate implementation according to the enlargement of the scope of the Subcontract Act)
 Subcontracts inspectors 5
- Surveillance of premiums and representations (For vigorous and prompt measures against violation of the Premiums and Representations Act)
 Premiums and representations inspectors 2
* To streamline a workload, 29 persons will be reduced.

(2) Newly established positions and department
- For strengthening total coordinating function
Senior Deputy Secretary General** 〈Newly established〉

- For establishing the section for compulsory measures for criminal investigations
Special Investigation Department〈Newly established〉

- For preparation of increasing number of hearing procedures with complexity
2 Hearing Examiners〈Increased〉
1 Senior Investigator (for hearing procedures) 〈Newly established〉

** Tentative name

*Every announcement is tentative translation. Please refer to the original text written in Japanese.

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