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Recommendation to Green Group Co., Ltd.

May 21/2004
Japan Fair Trade Commission

The Fair Trade Commission has investigated the Green Group Co,, Ltd. (hereinafter “the Green Group”) under the provisions of the Antimonopoly Act, and, today, issued a recommendation to the Green Group as follows to the effect that the Green Group is in violation of Section19 of the Antimonopoly Act (corresponding to 1 and 2 “restriction of resale price maintenance” of Item 12 of the Designation of Unfair Trade Practices)

1. Parties concerned

(1) Name:
 Green Group Co., Ltd.
(2) Address:
 HitaCity, OitaPrefecture
(3) Summary of business:
 Production and sale of mineral waters with trade name “Hita Tenryousui” (hereinafter “Hita Tenryousui”)

2. Outline of decision

 Without proper justification, the Green Group has itself or via its wholesalers sold Hita Tenryousui to retailers on the condition of having them maintain the recommended retail price fixed by the Green Group.

3. Summary of elimination measures

(1) The Green Group should cease the acts mentioned in 2 above.
(2) The Green Group should inform its wholesalers, retailers and general consumers of the measures taken under 3(1) above and that it will refrain from any acts similar to the acts described in 2 above in the future.
(3) The Green Group should refrain from any acts similar to the acts described in 2 above in the future.

4. Limitation of acceptance or rejection of this Recommendation

May 31, 2004
(If the recommendation is accepted, a decision consisting of the same items contained in this recommendation shall be issued; if not, hearing procedures shall commence.)

*Every announcement is tentative translation. Please refer to the original text written in Japanese.

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