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Technical Assistance to Foreign Countries by Japan Fair Trade Commission

The Japan Fair Trade Commission ("JFTC") has been offering a wide variety of technical assistance programs in order to raise awareness of the significance of developing, implementing and enforcing effective competition law and policy, and share our experience in this field.

Technical Assistance in Cooperation with JICA

The JFTC provides technical assistance for the developing countries in cooperation with JICA, Japan International Cooperation Agency.

In this framework, the JFTC conducts 2 types of the activities; “Group training course” and “Country-focused activity”.

I. Group training course
The JFTC holds the group training course every year in Japan focusing on competition law and policy, enforcement techniques etc., for developing countries world-wide.

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II. Country-focused activity
The JFTC holds the training course in Japan, the regional seminar and the online seminar focusing on competition law and policy, enforcement techniques etc., and advice on the amendment of the competition law for respective countries.

At present, the JFTC implements the country-focused activity for Vietnam, Mongolia and Malaysia.

(Training course in Japan)
(Regional seminar in Vietnam)
(Online seminar)
(Regional seminar for Japanese companies)

(Regional seminar in Mongolia)
(Online seminar)
2020/8/21, 25. 28

(Online seminar)
(Regional seminar for Japanese companies)

Technical Assistance under JAIF

On 30th of September 2016, the JFTC started the technical assistance project for ASEAN member states under the JAIF, Japan-ASEAN Integration Funds.

The JAIF is the fund, based on donation from Japanese government, established in ASEAN Secretariat for supporting ASEAN in 2006.

Our project under the JAIF is planned for ASEAN Competition Authorities to strengthen competition law enforcement.

The main activities under this project is holding training courses in both Japan and ASEAN member states and holding workshops in ASEAN member states, and exchanging staff among competition authorities in ASEAN member states.

In implementing these activities, contents of the activities are considered in accordance with their experience of competition law enforcement in order to respond attentively to their respective needs for technical assistance. In order to grasp their needs accurately, we hold meetings and get in touch with intimately with the Indonesian competition agency (KPPU) which is the proponent of this project.

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Technical Assistance for African Competition Authorities

The JFTC provides technical assistance for the African competition authorities.
The JFTC, in cooperation with the UNCTAD, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, held the training courses for the African competition authorities.
In addition, the JFTC dispatched its officials as lecturers to the seminars in Kenya.
For the cooperation with the UNCTAD, the JFTC has dispatched a staff to Competition and Consumer Policies Branch, Division on International Trade in Goods and Services, and Commodities of the UNCTAD since July 2016.

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